did you make the my littl poy series? i couldve swarn i saw your name on my little pony ~I IS NOT BRONY, I IS GIRL!~

omJ, HOW DID U NO!?!?! did beatrice tip you of? if it waz den tel her i hate her OMG LOL! im so hapy now that sum1 nos haha omg :P

Are you on Devianart?

I suppose you could say that….

But in all seriousness, I don’t know what you mean.

Are you looking for a Lauren Faust appreciation dA? or the dA of the people who run this blog? or Lauren Fausts personal dA?

Hey all—— I thought I’d come up for air for a few seconds to give a quick update.

I’ve been seeing lots of comments asking about why I don’t answer messages or post more art. I want to offer my…